The two teams are separated by 9 places in the Premier League, but Fulham is closer to the relegation zone than their opponents are from salvation. Any false step would see them plunge in the standings and with the competition being tougher than ever, this is a scenario that the hosts need to avoid. They surely regret the fact that Bobby Zamora will be playing for their opponents, but coach Harry Redknapp kindly asked them not to show hostility towards him. This kind of attitude is not deserved by a player who helped the club a lot in the past, but only time will tell whether the fans will heed this advice or not.


The game might be scheduled on April Fools’ Day, but unless Fulham comes out with a victory over QPR the joke will be on them and the remaining rounds could turn into a nightmare. For Queens Park Rangers things are even more serious, because they are already regarded as a relegated team by most specialists. They have good reasons not to give them too much credit because they need to close a six points gap and recent results are anything but encouraging. Two victories in five games is hardly enough for a team in dire need of points, but the visitors have run out of options and will need to take even more chances.

Although their coach claims that his objective is to win four of the remaining eight rounds and implies that the points will be secured at home, the hosts shouldn’t be deceived. Hard as it might be to believe, QPR will field an offensive starting formation and hope that they can stun Fulham in the first half. Past performance seems to explain their attitude, because the hosts are frequently conceding early goals and then fight an uphill battle to level the score.

A preview at places the emphasis on Harry Redknapp’s attempt to convince Fulham fans to behave. The text can also serve as a source of inspiration for those who need more reasons for backing the hosts to win, rather than shifting into an inferior gear. Despite their inconclusive results, the hosts are still a potent offensive team and all they need is an opponent willing to open up. Queens Park Rangers is in no position or play it safe, as the visitors are in a do or die situation and the difference between a draw and a defeat is negligible.

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