Virtually all major European football championships have reached their conclusion and only a couple of leagues are still on. Alcorcon and Girona will be fighting for their chance to advance to Primera Division and both teams are in an excellent position of making the push for Spain’s first flight. The playoffs began recently and Alcorcon will have home pitch advantage in the first leg, so it needs to make the most of it if the inexperienced team is to have any chance at promotion.


The visitors will be fielding a defensive minded starting formation with Acuna in the offense, and hope that he will score at least one goal away from home. Such an outcome would give them the first chance in the double legged round, because they are the owners of a formidable home record. Acuna scored 17 goals this season, more than any of his teammates and he remains a dangerous foe even if he doesn’t pair up with another striker.

Alcorcon will use a similar starting formation in the second leg and they have one prolific striker of their own, as 26-year-old Oriol scored 18 goals in 2013. He is among the top scorers in Segunda Division and was kept on the bench for most of the final rounds, as his team was already qualified for the playoffs. He will need all the support he can get from the midfield, but won’t be left alone upfront. Vela and Kike are just as suitable for replacements as they are to start alongside Oriol, but tonight they will be given the chance to add their names on the scoreboard.

This is a do or die situation for Alcorcon who lacks both the experience and a convincing performance away from home to count on the second leg. Bookmakers are gradually reducing the odds for a home victory and they currently stand that 1.90 but they are expected to drop as the kickoff draws near. The head to head record speaks for itself with both teams winning all home games and this makes it worth risking a wager on Alcorcon to prevail tonight.

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