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It is no news that English teams don’t fare too well in the Champions League, but their recent performance has been disappointing on so many levels. Arsenal used to be one of the brightest spots when it came to European competitions, but the season, they are doing the worst. In two games so far, they only managed to win one match, at home against Galatasaray, in a match where they had favorite status.

arsenalExplaining the poor performance this month can be done by taking a look at the injury list, which grew ever larger in October. On the bright side, some key players are expected to return in the starting formation and both Ramsey and Mikel Arteta are likely to feature tonight. There is also a good chance for Theo Walcott to play, with these good news only recently getting to the fans’ ears through the article at:

Assuming they get their best players to play and no fitness concerns will plague the visitors, Arsenal should prevail with relative ease in Belgium. They are fortunate to be playing against Anderlecht, a team that frequently makes the Champions League groups, but never advanced the next stage. These are usually the guys that drop all the points and when they manage to finish a game in a draw, it is a result of a 90 minutes siege, in which they defended with all lines.

The Belgian side is very likely to have the same approach tonight, due to the fact that they don’t have the players to compete against Arsenal in an open game. Not surprisingly, they lost one game so far, in Germany against Dortmund and then only managed to scrap one point at home against Galatasaray. The best case scenario for Anderlecht is to finish in the third place and advance to Europa league, but the most likely outcome is for them to conclude their campaign this winter.

Despite the fact that Arsenal has been struggling over the last couple of weeks, bookmakers are reluctant to overprice the visitors and the odds don’t exceed 1.80 for a victory on the road. It is not tremendous value, but with the hosts being more of a nuisance, it is still worth backing the English side to earn a rare win away from home. Punters would be wise to place the wagers now, because even these low odds are probably going to drop by this time tomorrow.