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Rome has extended its invincible run to 10 consecutive games, but the most important part is that they managed to win the last seven in a row. Everything seems to be going their way and the potent offensive is the main reason for why they managed to outshine opponents in all competitions. They are facing one of the most difficult teams tonight, when they travel to Manchester, to compete against City.

At the time of writing, the Italians are tied for the lead with Juventus and the reigning champions are also playing in the Champions League. This means that the pressure is every bit as intense on both as nobody can take a step back and rest key players ahead of this game. Winning the opening match in front of their fans against CSKA Moscow was celebrated by the Italian fans, but the Russians didn’t pose serious troubles and they basically tried to defend the scoreless draw.

Francesco TottiThings will be much more difficult tonight, because Manchester City will use a 4-3-3 starting formation, in an attempt of offsetting the narrow margin defeats to Bayern Munchen. Two weeks ago, they were the defensive minded team and until the 90th minute, it looks like they were going to get away with this strategy. Unfortunately for them, the Germans scored in the last minute of overtime and the visitors had to concede defeat and hope to recuperate those points in England.

The English side went through a rough stretch itself, but managed to turn the ship around and won the last two games in a convincing manner. They scored a total of 11 goals and allowed just two, en route to a Premier League victory and also advanced to the next stage of the domestic cup. Scoring goals has never been a problem for Manchester City, but they will have the work cut for them tonight because they will take on a team that allowed a single goal over the last six games.

As far as punters are concerned, things couldn’t be easier, because their only purpose is to find the maximum value in the odds offered by bookmakers. It goes without saying, that tonight it is better to side with AS Roma, which is given about even odds not to lose on the road. Even though Manchester City is a force to be reckoned with, at this value they are not worth backing.