Here on UK Football Pages we strive to provide you with information about some of the very best sites available online for football betting info and betting tips with a UK football focus.

Association football, commonly known simply as football (or soccer), is played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries worldwide, making football the most widely practiced sport on the planet. Football and betting has always been closely intertwined, and even back in the 1800s when the rules of association football were first codified in England, wagering on the outcome of local football matches was a popular pass time.

Today, betting on football is easier – but also more complex – than ever before thanks to the internet, which brings us a multitude of up to date information straight into our own computers. In addition to simply watching the news and reading the paper, modern football bettors are known to take advantage of specialized betting info sites online, such as Betpal, Soccerpunter, Goonersguides, MrfFxit, and more. The internet has also made it possible for the punter to chose among dozens of different bookmakers online instead of making do with what ever odds and markets local bookies have to offer.

General or specialized?

Some football betting info sites are very broad, while other have a considerably more narrow scope. MrFixit does for instance focus chiefly on Scottish football, which tends to gives him an edge in that field. If you like to bet on various leagues, cups and contests, it can be a good idea to save the address of several different info sites in your browser and pick the ones that suits your needs best for each particular bet.

Odds comparison

Odds comparison is a very handy feature found on many football betting info sites. An odds comparison engine will gather up to date odds from various betting sites and display the best ones for each type of wager. This way, you don’t have to sift through a long row of betting sites to find the best odds – you simply have to take a look at the odds comparison page.

It is important to realize that no odds comparison engine includes odds from all possible betting sites online. Which betting sites to include and which ones to skip has always been selected by someone. Therefore, it is advisable to seek out at least 3-4 odds comparison sites and check what they are displaying before you place any bet. Make sure that you pick odds comparison sites, like, that include a lot of high quality betting sites that you feel comfortable with and pick odds comparison engines that complement each other. Checking four engines that display more or less the same bookies is just a waste of your precious time.

Analyzes and betting tips

Last but certainly not least, there are a number of high quality betting info sites available online that will provide your with in-depth analysis and betting tips. The ones where the experts actually share their information and insights with the reader in an analytical fashion instead of simply spitting out a quick betting recommendation tend to be the best. Also, they make it easier for you to draw your own conclusions. Even in situations where you may not agree with the tip itself, the information and reasoning on which the tip was based can prove integral to your own analysis of the situation.

If you feel confident about your own betting strategies and football knowledge, you should only look for bonus comparison sites that give you the best casino- and betting bonuses where you can make the biggest bet. is a typical bonus comparison site with European casino- and betting sites.

We wish you good luck with all your football betting endeavors!